Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blogging Nostalgia

Earlier today, I found an old copy of To Kill a Mockingbird lost under the sink in my bathroom, which brought back memories of visiting friends finding much amusement at reading the first chapter for entertainment while conducting their "business." Furthermore, it brought back some old blogging moments of misunderstood and misplaced aggression and hostility between blogs.

Alvin has reposted a historical post, which originally came around the same time as this nonsensical item which sparked some sort of debate. The debate concerned absolutely nothing at all, but the conversation that occured between two different blogs went down in the history of the Internet, for sure. He and I together reach millions of readers, indubitably.

I've also blogged about To Kill a Mockingbird before; I mentioned how it was referenced gratuitously in Big Daddy.

My point is this. I only create content on the Internet so that I can rediscover it in a couple of years and amuse myself.

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