Monday, June 4, 2007

Following Up

I forgot to mention of course, that Google has also linked the Internet to USENET. More specifically, they acquired Deja News, which was one of their earlier acquisitions that would be a foreshadowing of buying out everything that is worth owning as it pertains to the Internet. I guess that I figured it just went without saying that they also provide a pretty nifty site for news. Of course, what has brought them much attention lately though, is that they are watching us.

In other news, here's an example of how I support Israel fully while disagreeing completely with policy. Idiotic conservatives are impeding progress. For however much they want to "preserve the people of Israel," with irrelevant and outdated policies, they are making Israeli ambassadors look silly by eating at casual eateries for very important international business.

Israeli diplomats denied non-kosher dining

Mon Jun 4, 12:44 PM ET

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli diplomats fed up with a protocol requiring they entertain guests at less-than-fancy kosher eateries abroad have asked for the rules to be relaxed, only to be overruled by a religious Jewish cabinet minister.

Trade Minister Eli Yishai, a member of the Orthodox Shas party, persuaded the Foreign Ministry not to accept the appeal by dozens of Israeli envoys to be allowed to hold official functions in non-kosher restaurants, Maariv newspaper said.

"Keeping kosher preserved the people of Israel," the daily quoted Yishai as saying.

According to Maariv, the ambassadors had complained that in many foreign postings, most kosher restaurants are fast-food establishments far below the standards of diplomatic dining.

Jewish dietary rules ban pork and some other meat, shellfish and the mixing of dairy products and meat at meals. Orthodox tradition bars Jews from even entering non-kosher restaurants.

But most Israelis are secular and many of them ignore kosher rules.

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