Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wacky Food Review of P.B. Loco: White Chocolate and Raspberry

Stupidly, against the advice on the label, I refrigerated this peanut butter, immediately after reading that it wasn't required. When I opened it later, I found that this product was quite difficult to spread onto celery. I left it out to warm to room temperature and tried again the next day. It was much easier, and I spread it on some celery smoothly. I theorize that this is because the white chocolate made for more fat, and naturally, fat solidifies as it gets cold, and makes it greasily smooth at room temperature.

Anyway, the product itself is good, I guess. My taste buds weren't really sensitive enough to discern the flavor of raspberry or white chocolate specifically, but I did notice that this was indeed a greasier peanut butter, which is cool, if you like that kind of food. It was also significantly sweeter.

The bottom line, literally, is that this is OK, but nothing special.

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