Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Top GunBound player kidnapped for his account

The fact that a gamer was kidnapped at gunpoint for his account would be interesting enough, but this was the best player of a specific game, a game that I wasted far too many hours on a while back, titled GunBound. It's fascinating to me that an account like that would be the target for theft, let alone a crime in the physical world. What is so valuable about that account, other than the fact that it is the highest rank? What applicable meaning would it mean to have it, and furthermore, what would one gain from it by stealing it? It's not like the kidnapper would then suddenly have the skills that the true owner acquired from actually ascending to that rank. It's not like that account could be sold for real money, especially if it was reported to Softnyx, and since it hit the news, I couldn't imagine that that didn't happen. The whole thing stinks, but this is a signal of a fascinating time we're in where a computer gamer can accumulate something, anything valuable enough to attract a grave crime in the real world.

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