Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Potential breakthrough in fuel cell technology

Our own UVA researchers, physicists Bellave S. Shivaram and Adam B. Phillips have come up with a potentially amazing technological breakthrough regarding fuel cells. Of course, it's always good to be skeptical. The article concedes, "'Many people who work in this field are excited, while others are skeptics,' [Shivaram] said. 'That’s OK. That’s the way science works. No one accepts results until you test it and it’s proven.'" I could not agree more.

With this in mind, this is pretty exciting stuff. The sooner the U.S. gets to energy independence, the sooner we can tell the Saudis to choke on their oil, because we won't need them for anything. We could tell them to come back and talk to us when they're civilized.

Oh, and fuel cells are good for the environment too. Global warming is the mother of all externalities.

I found this news via the Virginia Sentinel.

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