Tuesday, October 28, 2008

StudCo should be disbanded

This Cavalier Daily article lays out more stunning evidence for why UVA Student Council is an unethical mockery of a governing institution. Why should this be surprising? Student Council is training students who want to be bureaucrats to act irresponsibly with other people's money. This teaches the rest of us that the incentives when managing other people's money are perverted. What issue can't a student solve directly with the administration? Why is StudCo in existence, and being given any authority over anything at all?

These students take cues from political culture at large that teaches it's legitimate to take money from people and shuffle it around. Of course these crooks take a generous cut in their illegitimate activities, because who can resist taking a bit of unearned money?

StudCo, you sicken me. You are illegitimate and corrupt, and you should be disbanded. The only thing more offensive about this blatant display of larceny is that it reflects the diseased culture of Washington at large. These criminals that are in StudCo today are tomorrow's bureaucrats, and the more power these leeches acquire, the more their subjects will lose. This is my scariest of point of all.

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