Friday, November 21, 2008

Defense for a seasteading community

This post is from the Seasteading Institute's forums. The question and solutions are absolutely laugh-out-loud hilarious; it reads like it's from a forum about a video game, but you can tell that this dude is completely serious. What makes this so funny is how serious and ridiculous this guy is. Solutions 2 and 3 are the punchlines to the entire post.

Defense (Really Important)
Wed, 05/21/2008 - 02:04 — Firefool125

Okay, i mean a seastead can basically be a considered a free state that has no ties to any of the currently existing worlds governments and so this raises some serious issues about the overall safety of a seastead community. The real issue that I have questions about is defense from currently existing world governments who decide to remove the potential "terrorist/criminal/god knows what else" threat that a seastead community might theoretically pose (a bunch of blarney if you ask me but hey people are by definition stupid and so the governments could probably get away with it). Or the governments could just decide that a seastead is not a free entity and so they have the right to claim it. Personally, a seastead is an incrediblly innovative and brilliant idea that has the potential to bring great good into the world, is very vulnerable to external influence (covert raids that were actually "negotiations") due to the fact that a sea stead will not have the resources or the man power for a standing navy.

Here is a list of proposed ideas for the defense of a seastead community (feel free to add any other methods to the list if you feel that it is necessary)

1. Alliance with a large nation with a standing military: this i probably one of the more plausible ideas but it would involve loosing some of the liberties that are the main reason for some to move to a seastead
2. Surface-to-Air missiles and Surface-to-Surface missiles: the Surface-to-Surface missiles would be the kind that skim along the waters edge and maintain a low altitude, this idea is incrediblly expensive though and would cause some nations to perceive the seastead as an autoatic threat and some to perceive the seasteads as a "terrorist cell" which decreases national security.
3. Have every individual on a seastead armed with close combat weaponary (pistols, rifles, knives and the like) and have a little rudimentary training with each

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