Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Few Application Recommendations for the iPhone

I have a few recommendations for applications on the iPhone 3GS. I do this out of love. Certainly no one is paying me to promote these.

1 Ustream Live Broadcaster
I've recently set up an account, so I'll be streaming video here in the future. So far, I've just playing around with it, but if there is something that I plan to broadcast seriously, I'll announce it, maybe here, or just on Twitter. Right in the application you can tweet to announce when you start, but I would give a heads-up before then as well. This app allows you to save the videos that you broadcast, and send them to YouTube. Also, complementary to this app might be the Ustream Viewing Application.

2 NetNewsWire
The popular desktop client has a version for the iPhone, and it is quite nice. It allows you to sort through your items from the past 24 hours in chronological order, in one feed. It syncs to Google Reader. Also, you can send items to Instapaper that would be better viewed on a computer later.

3 Dragon Dictation
This is awesome. The privacy concerns are overrated, according to Pogue, so the reviews on the iTunes Store right now don't reflect that it is a great product, revolutionary even. This is the product that has for years always seemed just a few years away. It's finally here.

4 Tweetie
This is currently the best client for Twitter on the iPhone, and it is worth $2.99.

5 Yelp
Everyone knows Yelp, but I call attention to the "monocle," which is pretty cool.

Having all these great applications might mean that I am a cyborg.

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