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Nicholas Fehn is ridiculous.

Nicholas Fehn is ridiculous.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The private sector does it better

Here's some more evidence in the case for private schooling.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Losing Our Spines to Save Our Necks

Sam Harris has a brilliant, insightful, and truthful article in the Huffington Post, about Islam today.

On a somewhat related note about the good stuff that Harris is doing, Harris is looking for participants for a few surveys. This is for atheists and Christians.

Research Volunteers Needed
by Sam Harris

We are preparing to run another fMRI study of belief and disbelief, and we need volunteers to help us refine our experimental stimuli. This promises to be the first study of religious faith at the level of the brain. By responding to the four surveys I have posted online, you can make an enormous contribution to this work.

You'll find links to these surveys on my home page.

Please answer as many of the surveys as you can. If you only have time to answer one, please choose at random (otherwise, we will have many more responses to the first than to the others).

Feel free to post this message to your blog or to forward the relevant links to your friends. I especially need Christians to respond, as one of the goals of these surveys is to design stimuli that a majority of Christians will find doctrinally sound.

I will, of course, pass along the results of this work the moment I have something to report.

Many thanks for your help.

All the best,


The ulterior motive behind Raúl's recent reforms

So it's possible that Raúl Castro's recent reforms in Cuba are not about more openness and freedom. The real reason for these policy changes may be much more insidious.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Indian baby dropping ritual

Letters to and from serial killers

A child wrote a bunch of letters in the early 1990s to the a handful of rich, powerful, and famous people. The letters letters they wrote back are fascinating.