Thursday, January 31, 2008

Facebook's favorite books and SAT scores

So this guy came up with a graphical representation linking what people list in the "favorite books" field on Facebook with average SAT scores of the schools those profiles represent.

This is interesting by itself, but the comments around the blogs are quite entertaining as well.

Recurring themes among the comments include pointing out that it's interesting that the "African-American" literature is at the bottom, as well as The Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is even below the Bible, but both those fall below "I don't read." The dude who created the chart amusingly categorized Lolita under "Erotica," which infuriated some people. Also, lots of the comments center around how Ayn Rand and Objectivism has penetrated college campuses, which is probably the only sphere of influence where Objectivism exists, at the point where rebellious college kids pick up on Rand's ideas, before they outgrow her kooky pseudo-philosophy.

Take a look. This is fascinating stuff.

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