Friday, January 11, 2008

Old posts to Usenet

I found a good way to rediscover all my old posts to Usenet, back when I was deluded enough to think that posting to Usenet was cool. Man, are those things embarrassing. I was just a stupid kid. That's my excuse. Not only did I spout forth sophomoric nonsense that my present self would directly pounce upon, but the stuff wasn't funny, wasn't readable, and flat out deserves to be deleted. Alas, this is the Internet though, at least now it is, where things live on forever. I am calling attention to it here so that I may totally purge my name and record of that garbage. I would back up pretty much nothing I said in those threads. I mean, most of them were sarcastic or trolling, and I don't even remember my intent with them, so the conversations are irrelevant to any meaningful discussion today. That's assuming of course, that there was ever meaningful discussion on alt.religion.kibology, and that's quite a claim. It really was just a bunch of geeks goofing off. That's totally cool to me, but the nonsense where I was just writing just to write needs to be disregarded. I think this happens to everyone though. Writers examine their earlier works and often find they have evolved, for the better. This happened to Alvin.

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