Friday, June 1, 2007

Google has taken over my life.

So, now that Google has purchased FeedBurner, I can now say that Google owns me. This is ironic, since all their services that I use are free.

  • Google owns five of my blogs.

  • Google operates my primary e-mail account.

  • Google owns the feeds for two of my podcasts.

  • Google owns my personalized homepage, crammed with information.

  • Google owns my favorite substitute for a globe on a computer.

  • Google owns services that I use for advertising, AdSense.

  • Google owns all those cool tools and applications in their labs.

  • Google owns Google Video and YouTube.

  • Google owns the gateway to all of my information in the world.

  • Google owns pretty much everything that is good in the world.

That penultimate point is a stretch, since there are competing search engines, news sites, and Wikipedia, but I needed some dramatic emphasis, and quickly realized that my list wasn't looking long enough. OK, so it's a short list maybe, but it is pretty much everything basic for what a newbie would need online.

It still astounds me really that pretty much everything they do is free, but maybe that's why it's so successful. Google's making money behind the scenes, tons of it.

It's also pretty cool that their offices are paradise, and they host the series Authors@Google, including the cool dude Max Barry.

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